The 'Why' of Winter Riding.

Cycling, like any endeavour, tends to follow a natural progression. What starts out as an interest can easily develop into a passion. Being able to ride outside year round in a region which experiences the extremes of four seasons is a sure sign that your interest in biking has a healthy obsession.

At first, the attraction of riding is often forged in the favourbly warm months. Then there comes a point for many cyclists where the dorminancy of inactivity during the winter is counterproductive to the goals they have set for themselves personally. The motivation to commute, stay active, or engage in competition means that taking time off the bike is not an option.

Riding throughout the various conditions of the winter months provides a real boost in both physical and mental health. It just plain feels good to finish a ride, tired and depleted, knowing that the elements didn't dictate when and where you can bike. It fortifies the mind to know you can cope with such obstacles, and we could all use a little more of that.

So don't be so quick to dismiss the merits for riding outside during the winter. Pick a day over the coming months and venture out on your bike regardless of the weather. Get the most enjoyment out of riding your bike possible.

~ the culture crew.