The It Season.

We are of the mind that this is the perfect time to be riding. For those competitors who spent the spring and summer months with focused training and racing, this is the time to take advantage of easy rides with social undertones. Take away the stress of fine tuning or maintaining peak fitness, and bask in the realm of low valley cruising.

For those cyclists whose interests in riding are more oriented in the pure mental and physical health stimulus, this is the time to squeeze out the dwindling hours of light as winter looms. We are fortunate to live in a region where year round riding is possible {and enjoyable} with a few select pieces of cold weather gear. Get outfitted and then get outside (#outsideisfree). There is no need for an off-season based on conditions, cause this is the 'It' season where foundations are laid and the spirit is rejuvenated.

~ the culture crew.