Virtual Hi Five.

A humble thanks to our supporters - both current and future. Every step along the way has been taken with an overwhelming network supporting the plan. Friends, family, the intrigued and the invested, industry companies and industry reps, have all been there offering an incredible amount of support.

"It's all about timing" - that's a phrase that gets used for a variety of applications, but it couldn't be more accurate for our ours. Years ago an inkling to provide something different was bantered about, and it evolved over many stages to create the CYCLE ▶ CULTURE of today. The right people, the right location, and the right approach are all in place.

With that we are pleased to announce that the store is ready, the doors are open, and the response has been tremendous. The CYCLE ▶ CULTURE of today will look vastly different from the CYCLE ▶ CULTURE of tomorrow. New suppliers and incoming new product are on the horizon and our plans of grandeur mean the shop will be in a constant state of rebirth - a refreshing model that we are eager to share with our customers.

Please join us on Saturday June 22nd to help us celebrate the Grand Opening of the shop in style. Regular store hours will apply {10-4} and we will have some fantastic door crasher pricing on some selected items. The festivities will continue with an after party {4-7} where we will have some drinks, swap some stories/tell some lies, and even race some bikes. All are welcome so spread the word and let's throw down some hi-fives in person.

∼ the culture crew.